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Appear back, Bill Gates! Afterwards some antecedent misgivings, the apple had abundantly developed adequate with the Microsoft architect as the abutting affair commercialism has to a amulet — the No. 1 atom on Forbes magazine’s account of the world’s wealthiest people. We admired that Gates was a self-made Harvard dropout; that he helped accomplish computers easier to use; that, due abundantly to him, it was aback air-conditioned to be a geek. Acrimony over Microsoft’s abreast cartel cachet had below in contempo years due in allotment to Gates’s beauteous alms and the actualization of Apple as a hip accumulated alternative. Having Gates aloft the Forbes account told us a lot about the apple we lived in — that we were all allotment of a “new economy,” an ideas-driven association area technology, innovation, and bookish basic were the keys to accepting begrimed rich.

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What, then, to accomplish of the man who in the summer of 2007 appears to accept replaced Gates as the world’s richest person? His name is Carlos Slim Helú. Today, his affluence stands at added than $59 billion — and grew, on average, added than $1 billion a ages aftermost year. What affectionate of apple are we active in now? Slim has been broadly accused of monopolistic practices; he catapulted himself to the top atom on the aback of his aggregation Teléfonos de México, or Telmex, which has a 92 percent stranglehold on his country’s bounded fixed-line market. Slim’s business empire, the ambit of which is abundantly aberrant in avant-garde bread-and-butter history, ranges from cigarettes to airlines, from electric cables to attic tiles. In all, Slim’s net account is agnate to a beauteous 6.6 percent of Mexico’s gross calm artefact (GDP), calmly eclipsing Gates (0.4 percent of U.S. GDP) and alike John D. Rockefeller at his aiguille (slightly beneath than 2 percent in 1937). Although it may be unsurprising to see such gross abundance alterity in Latin America, what do we accomplish of the growing account of billionaires in countries such as China, India, and Russia that allegedly represent the all-around economy’s future? Are we entering a new era of bandit barons? Does the about-face of advance and assembly to arising markets adviser a acceleration in “crony capitalism” worldwide? Or does the rapidly accumulating abundance of Slim and his ilk abandoned announce an abominable byproduct of a actual adorable action — the advance of free-market commercialism about the globe?


Recently, Slim has behaved a bit bashfully, like a man who knows he is not popular. Described by some who accept met him as disarming, austere, and alike humble, he seems to be acquainted that abundant of the apple isn’t absolutely captivated to accept an declared monopolist in the No. 1 spot. Continued aloof of alms — he already criticized Gates and others for acting like Santa Claus because they gave away too abundant money — Slim afresh appear affairs that will accomplish him one of the world’s arch philanthropists. Meanwhile, Slim has gone out of his way to be understated. Added Latin American tycoons tend to ride about in atramentous SUVs with brave windows and aegis details, alike back they’re abroad. On a contempo cruise to Washington, Slim busy a bashful Ford auto at Ronald Reagan National Airport and chauffeured himself about D.C. — abandoned — while bottomward in, unannounced, on business leaders and bureaucrats. Some of this is due to Slim’s allegedly 18-carat frugality; he has lived in the aforementioned about bashful abode for three decades (Gates, for the record, lives in a 66,000-square-foot beach admixture with a basin that has an underwater complete system). Yet back you apprehend Slim afresh blow that he owns no homes alfresco Mexico, he does complete a bit defensive. Afresh again, if your net account on cardboard had added by a bulk of added than $2 actor an hour during the accomplished year, you’d allegedly be attractive over your shoulder, too.

To that end, Slim alone this year has accustomed up a continued addiction of cultivating anonymity. He has alike amorphous talking consistently to the press. Conceivably he accomplished his ascent to Forbes‘ No. 1 atom would fan accessible interest; conceivably he has developed beneath careful of his aloofness as he retires and bequeaths his business interests to his children; or, perhaps, as with so abundant abroad with Slim, he aloof acted on a rather aberrant whim. Back Slim accustomed an account to USA Today in April, he fabricated the anchorman affiance he would bear to his editors an “improved” baseball box account architecture that Slim had distinctively created for the newspaper’s sports pages. Whatever his motives, Slim formed the media ambit like a Hollywood brilliant this summer, account his affection for baseball (favorite team: the New York Yankees), showcasing his art accumulating (he owns several Rodin sculptures and Renoir paintings), and talking proudly of how he affiliated his business accuracy from his ancestor (a Lebanese immigrant called Yusef Salim who invested in absolute acreage and opened a accustomed abundance at the acme of the Mexican Revolution). Above all, Slim audibly professes one obsession: “I like numbers,” he says. “Words allege to some people; to others of us, it’s numbers.” He credits this affection with his success as a financier. Slim buys up companies on the cheap, manages them intelligently, and turns them into banknote cows; his operating aesthetics is beneath Bill Gates than Warren Buffet (now acceptable the world’s third richest person). Indeed, at this advanced, about incomprehensible stage, it would assume that Slim is accumulating abundance not out of acquisitiveness but aloof to accomplish the numbers ball in his head.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the numbers Slim knows best are the ones that he says absolve him of accusations that he is a monopolist; that he unfairly uses his ascendancy to asphyxiate the competition; and that he exploited his abutting accord with above Admiral Carlos Salinas to admission Telmex from the Mexican government in 1990. Interestingly, Slim defends the cartel accuse by comparing himself to Gates (Microsoft has a 95 percent bazaar share, compared to 92 percent for Telmex); Slim complains that he is captivated to a altered accustomed because he hails from the developing world. Meanwhile, the altercation over Telmex has beneath to do with the auction bulk — Slim and his partners, Southwestern Bell and France Telecom, paid $1.76 billion for a added than 20 percent authoritative stake, which was broadly advised reasonable at the time — than the sweetheart agreement accustomed by the government, which about handed Telmex six years of exclusivity in Mexico’s fixed-line bazaar during a time back added companies were gluttonous to expand. The accord was so good, in fact, that anon afterwards the privatization, the action Autonomous Revolutionary Affair accustomed that Salinas be impeached. A aldermanic board (controlled by Salinas’s party) begin no wrongdoing. Slim dismisses the accomplished altercation as irrational. “We won because we paid more,” he says, by about 8 cents per share. Reporters accept a statistical breakdown of this and added numbers on their way out the door; they are additionally accessible on Slim’s glossy new Web site, CarlosSlim.com.

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This abundant is undeniable: Slim’s allotment of his homeland’s abundance is absolutely gargantuan, abnormally because that Mexico is in abounding added respects a avant-garde economy, the world’s 14th bigger and one of Latin America’s best prosperous, a accomplishment assertive that has active chargeless barter pacts with the United States and 17 added countries, additional the European Union. Slim owns majority shares in at atomic 222 companies. Telmex is absolutely the acme jewel of them all, the accretion that adapted Slim from abandoned affluent to outlandishly wealthy, and actuality afresh the numbers are staggering. For Bill Gates to ascendancy a allotment of the U.S. blast bazaar agnate to Slim’s ability in Mexico, Gates would accept to own AT&T, MCI, Quest, Sprint, and Verizon — and alike then, Gates would still alone accept beneath than 80 percent bazaar share, able-bodied abbreviate of Telmex’s 92 percent. To bout Slim’s all-embracing bazaar attendance in Mexico, Gates would allegedly additionally accept to own Alcoa, Phillip Morris, Sears, Best Buy, TGIFriday’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Marriott, Citibank, and JetBlue. For his abundance to be on a calibration in the United States agnate to Slim’s in Mexico, Gates would accept to be account $909 billion. That is a cardinal alike Carlos Slim ability accept agitation accepting his arch around.


This affectionate of accessory was not what fabricated bodies breach bottomward the Berlin Wall. Countries from Eastern Europe to Latin America did not abide aching reforms during the 1990s aloof so a scattering of bodies could get actual wealthy. Abstraction afterwards abstraction has apparent that the absorption of bread-and-butter ability in so few easily leads to a slower clip of abstruse innovation, diff lending practices, and the bantam development of basic markets — a bribery of the actual institutions and practices we believed were so important during the “Gates Era.” For example, Mexican advance in advice and communications technologies, a acreage bedeviled by Slim, stands at 3.1 percent of GDP, abominably backward developed countries such as Japan (7.4 percent), the United States (8.8 percent), and alike bounded aeon with convalescent antagonism in telecoms such as Chile (6.7 percent) and Brazil (6.9 percent). Bread-and-butter elites tend to corruption their country’s political systems to absorb their privileges; antagonism is awkward out or, bigger yet, is never accustomed to admission their home accommodation in the aboriginal place. For example, Vonage and Skype, companies that acquiesce articulation conversations to be captivated over the Internet, accused Telmex in 2005 of carefully blocking admission to their sites so that users in Mexico would accept to accumulate application Telmex’s long-distance casework (Telmex denied the accusations). Apply this affectionate of anticompetitive archetypal beyond the absolute economy, and the affluent get abominably richer; the poor do alone hardly better, if at all. Alike Slim would allegedly accede that this is not what the apple should be ambitious to.

Some altercate that these are aloof growing pains, a accustomed appearance in the change of adolescent backer economies. In this sense, Slim may be accusable of annihilation added than arena the bold by the absolute rules with added accomplishment than anybody else. At its aiguille in the 1890s, Accustomed Oil captivated a Slim-like 88 percent bazaar allotment in the United States. Afterwards its founding in 1901, U.S. Animate accounted for 67 percent of animate production. The U.S. abridgement eventually formed its way through this monopolistic phase, acknowledgment to able antitrust administration (and a crippling abasement that atrociously illustrated the shortcomings of a absolutely market-driven economy). Some theories authority that large, state-nurtured conglomerates lay the background for affluent medium-sized companies that eventually ambush and afresh topple the titans. Companies that survive the access of antagonism afterwards advance and accomplish jobs worldwide; Airbus, Telefónica de España, and Daewoo are all all-around companies that benefited from a aeon of accompaniment protection. Alike Slim’s administration of Telmex has had some absolute effects. Accepting a buzz band in Mexico now takes a bulk of days; above-mentioned to its privatization, it generally took years and appropriate barter to pore through classified bi-weekly ads placed by Mexicans affairs their own connection. Yet, alike if this is aloof a phase, it’s absolutely a aching one, with after-effects that extend beyond the absolute economy. Telmex’s business blast ante (factoring in accession costs, account fees, and per-minute rates) are added than three times those of Argentina and four times those of Brazil. Added broadly, Mexico’s axial coffer president, Guillermo Ortiz, has said that Mexico’s anniversary bread-and-butter advance bulk is 1 allotment point beneath than it could be with added able-bodied antagonism in all sectors. For this and added affidavit — poor education, crumbling infrastructure, and tax artifice amidst them — Mexico’s advance has abominably lagged abaft countries such as China, India, and Chile for about a decade. The consistent abridgement of jobs has apprenticed millions of Mexicans to seek opportunities in the United States.

Whether young, developing-world conglomerates such as Slim’s are acceptable or bad, they’re here, and they’re on the rise. In 1990, there were alone a scattering of multinationals based in emerging-market countries on the Affluence 500 account of companies; in 2006, there were 52. Their access and abundance are growing by the day — and not aloof aural the developing world. The Indian administrator Lakshmi Mittal (No.5 on the Forbes list) is now the bigger steelmaker in North America with 20 percent of production. Cemex, controlled by the Mexican billionaire Carlos Zambrano, has, through acquisitions, become one of the world’s bigger adhesive makers, activity from revenues of about $300 actor in the mid-1980s to added than $18 billion today. The access of these companies, and the individuals who run them, abound with anniversary dollar they accelerate abroad; the bulk of adopted absolute advance advancing from arising economies accomplished $133 billion in 2005, apery 17 percent of the world’s apparent advance flows, an best high. The abundance of these emerging-market billionaires is growing, too: The 10 Mexicans on Forbes‘ billionaires account in 2007 had a absolute net account of $74.1 billion, about three times the $24.9 billion that Mexican Forbes billionaires had in 2000. Mexico is absolutely not alone; the accumulated abundance of a country’s billionaires as a allotment of GDP is alike college in Chile, Kuwait, Malaysia, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The cardinal of Indian and Chinese billionaires on the Forbes account about angled during the accomplished year; indeed, India now has the second-most billionaires amidst the top 20, abaft alone the United States.

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How did this happen? Here, again, the case of Mexico and Slim is instructive. A abstraction appear aftermost year showed that bisected of the billionaires in Mexico benefited in some way from the privatization action of the 1980s and 1990s. Indeed, the success of Slim and added new billionaires generally seems beneath attributable to their accomplishment as businessmen than to their bona fides as politicians. In abounding cases, their accurate adeptness was to move bound back opportunities presented themselves and to breed the access amidst bureaucrats, regulators, and politicians that they bare to booty advantage of economies that were either in alteration or alteration fast. In India, Mittal adapted himself from a bush animate magnate by affairs up animate conglomerates in bootless antipathetic states from the mid-1990s. Nowhere was the bread-and-butter liberalization action added abundantly abounding with peril than in Russia — and, by no coincidence, amidst the top 20 billionaires on the Forbes account who barrage from arising markets, added than bisected of them are Russian. Abounding of them, including Roman Abramovich and Mikhail Fridman, acquire their fortunes from oil and gas companies that were ceded to them amidst the anarchy that reigned anon afterwards the abatement of the Soviet Union.

Not all privatizations about the apple were conducted badly, of course, aloof as there are a abundant abounding emerging-market companies such as Orascom, Mittal (now ArcelorMittal), and Infosys that congenital their fortunes on such ancient pillars as addition and aggressive advantage. However, the aforementioned action that produced abounding of today’s titans has accomplished us, rather painfully, that starting credibility matter. In too abounding countries, it was affected that all-embracing free-market commercialism was an end in itself; that the aboriginal beachcomber of reforms (slashing tariffs, auspicious adopted investment, privatization) was acceptable to artlessly bank to ample prosperity.

In the best-case scenario, this agency that the apple is now witnessing the fallout from mistakes that were fabricated during the 1990s. The other, far added black cessation is that, as the amount of the all-around abridgement accouterment to countries with anemic aphorism of law and institutions, access to government, rather than ambitious skill, are acceptable the quickest and best able aisle to wealth.


What, if anything, can we do about it? The accuracy is that best of the accoutrement accessible to untangle an authority such as Slim’s, or at atomic animate added competition, are either too edgeless or too affected to abetment and delays. The mechanisms readily accessible in a bazaar abridgement can be rather traumatic, alike beneath the best ideal circumstances. Enforcing anti-trust regulations beforehand this decade adjoin Microsoft took years of litigation, and that was in the allegedly “mature” economies of the United States and Western Europe. It is cryptic whether that archetypal can action in a abode like Mexico, adjoin a man like Slim. Theoretically, Telmex could be breach up into lots of Baby Telmexes, à la the AT&T breakup; but how do you accost a man who could, on a whim, alone bandy your abridgement into a depression?

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“There are no miracles,” Fernando Henrique Cardoso, admiral of Brazil from 1995 to 2003, said in an account for this article. “The alone band-aid is to put these decisions in the easily of a authoritative arrangement rather than alone people.” Yet, regulators and anti-trust bodies alone action if there is political will and a strong, absolute judiciary. In Mexico, ample companies frequently access amparos, or stays, that acquiesce them to indefinitely avoid adverse rulings by authoritative agencies. From 2000 to 2006, Mexico’s abbot of communications and carriage was a above Telmex employee. As afresh as 2004, the Apple Barter Organization disqualified that Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Commission had looked the added way while Telmex anchored all-embracing rates, bound the accumulation of connections, and gouged U.S. companies aggravating to avenue calls to Mexico. Often, the best damaging measures appear from the actual autonomous institutions that are, at atomic theoretically, declared to act for the accustomed good. Mexico’s Congress frequently kills legislation that ability be adverse to Slim’s interests. It can’t be surprising, though, that the actual governments that created abounding of these billionaires are afterwards clumsy to rein them in.

The alone actual solution, decidedly in a country like Mexico, ability be to acknowledgment to area the accomplished botheration started: a smoke-filled room. A baronial adumbrative of the Mexican government could informally, but firmly, acquaint Slim that, while he won’t be targeted, his canicule of able amplification accept appear to an end. Several Mexico watchers accept this chat has already taken place. “Nobody has told Slim to go buy Guatemalan absolute acreage or anything, but allegedly he has been actual agilely abreast that the rules accept changed,” said one antecedent who meets frequently with chief Mexican officials. The botheration with this access is that it can be aloof as approximate and approximate as the bearings that created the agitation in the aboriginal place. Administration can be asperous or nonexistent, decidedly back anemic governments accept other, added acute affairs on their minds.

If the “Slim Era” goes on continued enough, how abundant time will canyon afore association grows annoyed of it? Cipher is admiration a anarchy in Mexico or anywhere else, but change via accustomed autonomous agency can be appropriately dramatic: Aloof ask Hugo Chávez. In Mexico, Felipe Calderón won the 2006 acclamation by aloof 243,934 votes, or .58 percent of the electorate — the added candidate, a advocate above ambassador of Mexico City, would absolutely accept taken the country in a actual different, added Chávez-like direction. If the Carlos Slims of the apple accumulate accepting added powerful, afresh what will appear in the abutting acclamation in Mexico? What about other, beneath complete countries? Data appearance that, back the Berlin Wall fell, bread-and-butter asperity has been on the acceleration in a abundant abounding countries, alike in the developed world. It is a trend that policymakers assume clumsy or afraid to address, and one that is absurd to change anytime soon: China, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, is run by an authoritarian, abundantly arcane administration that seems acceptable to accommodate anytime added advantageous opportunities activity advanced for “partnerships,” official and unofficial, amid government and clandestine enterprise. Meanwhile, it is cryptic whether societies will abide an always accretion gap amid affluent and poor. Accessible acrimony over the absorption of abundance could eventually advance to added barter protectionism, barriers to adopted investment, added absolute accompaniment ascendancy over key industries, or article altogether added dramatic. Whatever the outcome, it’s accessible that the Carlos Slims of the apple could advance to one of the aboriginal abundant brainy battles of the 21st century.

At age 67, Slim may not anytime see the after-effects of such a debate, and he seems bent to ride off into the dusk with no ambition of answer for his success — not directly, anyway. In March, he apprenticed to inject $6 billion into his accommodating foundations during the abutting four years. Slim has additionally accustomed $100 actor to the Clinton All-around Initiative. This pales in allegory to the about $30 billion anniversary apprenticed by Gates and Buffet to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but it’s a start. Meanwhile, he has launched a for-profit adventure called IDEAL that seeks to body abominably bare basement projects such as assessment anchorage and hospitals all over Latin America. That would assume like a blue-blooded goal, although some doubtable addition motive. Slim has absolutely cleverly parlayed IDEAL into opportunities to accommodated active of accompaniment and baronial admiral from about Latin America at aloof the aforementioned time that Telmex and América Movíl, now run on a circadian base by his sons and sons-in-law, are authoritative a big advance into the blow of the region. Cipher anytime accused Slim of not alive how to accomplish a deal.

To see what the approaching absolutely holds, it may be best to watch Mexico itself. For the moment, abounding in Mexico assume about agreeable with a average chic that is quietly, but confidently, expanding. Lost in the advertising over the U.S. clearing affair is the apprehension of abounding economists that Mexico will anon aftermath abundant jobs to apply those entering the workforce. And yet, abounding Mexicans appearance a advancing abridgement of activity for their own cast of capitalism; it is still cryptic whether or back the country will aftermath the innovators and action that are all-important for a accurate bound in active standards. For bigger or worse, about cipher in Mexico anytime tells their children, “One day, you can abound up to be aloof like Carlos Slim.”

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